4 Ways to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Hi angels,

Do you find yourself getting moody often for no good reason? Suffering from cramps, nausea of PMS at that time of the month? Breaking out around your jawline?

It could be that your hormones are out of whack! It’s definitely worth investing some serious time in rebalancing your hormones, so you feel energised and healthy! So here are my top four tips to naturally balance hormone levels:

1. Exercise!

Exercise is incredible for regulating your body’s stress hormones, and triggering the release of endorphins (your happy hormones!).

Finding a good balance between high intensity training and restorative, low intensity or rest days is key to managing your cortisol (stress) hormones, while allowing you to feel positive, happy and uplifted – thanks to all those amazing endorphins!

The JSHealth App features workouts with Australia’s top trainers, designed for this purpose – it includes a perfect balance of low and high intensity fitness, to balance those hormones and help you feel your best! Try the workouts out today!

2. Minimise Stress.

Minimising stress in your life is vital for rebalancing hormones! The little things make all the difference in the world! Try things like:

  • Switching off social media until 9am, and again at 7pm each day
  • Going into the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone for 20 minutes daily
  • Learning mindfulness or meditation (guided meditations are available in the JSHealth App to get you started!)

3. My Hormone + PMS formula

Angels, this formula was made for YOU! I got so many requests from all of you for a hormone-balancing formula, and I’ve made good on my promises! I created this nourishing vitamin to help with common symptoms including PMS, bloating, irregular periods, oestrogen dominance, PCOS, fluid retention, weight gain and sugar cravings..

As with every JSHealth Vitamin formula, this product was created based on what you asked for! Every day I receive messages asking for a formula that can assist with hormonal imbalance. I set out on a mission with our vitamin team to create a product that would truly help…. 

I really hope this formula brings you all the relief you so deserve angels, leaving you feeling healthy, confident and at your best!

It contains:

  • Chaste Tree, to support reproductive hormones and relieve symptoms of PMS (all your mood swings, irritability, bloating, the lot!)
  • Dong Quai to relieve irregular periods and menopausal symptoms
  • Vitamins B3 and B6 to assist with energy production and nervous system function – critical for hormonal function! 
  • Magnesium to support blood sugar and relaxation
  • Ashwagandha to help the body adapt to stress, and 
  • Broccoli Sprout Extract to eliminate excess oestrogen…

4. Eat for your hormones.

Choose your foods wisely if you’re looking to balance your hormones. Think things like eating more good fats, such as avocado, nuts and seeds, and extra virgin olive oil! Fats are so nourishing for your hormones and contain anti-inflammatory properties, giving your body even more love. Aim for unsaturated sources of quality fats, and your hormones will love you for it!

Leafy greens and lean proteins are also incredible for hormonal balance, they provide nutrients the body needs to function at its best, and help naturally rebalance your hormone levels. So create meals with healthy fats, lean proteins and all the greens as often as possible!

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