7 Practical Tips for Healthy Eating During Isolation

1. Prepare! 

Angels, we all know ourselves well enough to realise that when we’re stuck at home, and always right next to the kitchen, we’re thinking about food more and more often. If you’re anything like me, I walk between the pantry, and fridge, and back again, many times throughout the day! And that is okay!

However, if you prepare for this, and acknowledge the habit, you can make sure your fridge is well stocked with fruit and vegetables, and can prep some healthy snacks in advance – for moments like these! The JSHealth App has SO many fab options to inspire you! If there are healthy options ready to go right in front of you, that’s what you’ll reach for! Whereas if there is chocolate, chips and soft drink at the ready, how can you possibly resist!? So acknowledge your own habits, and plan accordingly!

2. Work away from the kitchen!

Having a separate workspace, away from the kitchen if possible, is super helpful. Being out of view of the kitchen means you’re less likely to spend hours contemplating what is hiding behind those cupboard doors, and less tempted to keep going back for more food when you aren’t even hungry.

Similarly, your brain sends hunger signals when you’re in places like the kitchen, which you associate with food and eating, so if you’re working in there, chances are your body is expecting food the entire time, and you’re feeling hungry (even if you’re actually not…)

So get out of there! Establish a calm, brightly lit, peaceful space to work in, where you can focus and be productive. I know not everyone has this luxury, but if you do, then think of it as the “zone”, the place where you simply work hard!

3. Tune into your hunger and eat mindfully.

Often when we’re stuck at home, we find ourselves eating when we’re not even hungry. So while it’s essential to ensure you’re eating enough each day, and filling your body with healthy, nutritious whole foods, also consider when you reach for your 15th post-breakfast snack, are you hungry, or are you just bored, or emotional eating?

If so, take a step back. Do a quick 5 minute yoga flow, a meditation, or stroll around the block, to relieve your boredom in a different way! Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need!

4. Eat away from distractions.

When it comes to lunch or snack time, remove yourself from your workspace, and eat away from distractions. Resist the temptation to catch a few minutes of your favourite Netflix show as you eat, and don’t stay at your computer and keep working while you shovel down your food.

Instead, practise mindful eating. Sit away from distractions, focus entirely on your food, appreciate what it is doing for your body, and tune into your body signalling when you’re full or you’ve had enough!

5. Fill up on the good stuff!

If you’re eating because your hungry, that is SO okay! I can’t stress this enough, you should never feel bad for giving your body what it needs!

However, when you go to feed your hunger, fill up on vegetables and fruit, lean protein and healthy fats – all the nutritious things! Leave the treats and indulgences for last. I absolutely believe it’s important to indulge mindfully sometimes. However these treats should be a “sometimes”, not the first option you reach for when you’re hungry! Save them for last, when you have less room to fill!

6. Keep a water bottle next to you.

Often we mistake hunger for thirst, and especially at home when we’re out of routine, we can easily forget to drink water, leaving us dehydrated and thinking we’re “hungry”.

Keep a water bottle next to you all day. Make sure you sip continuously, to prevent this from happening, and keep your body hydrated and feeling fantastic.

7. Be kind to yourself…

Angels, it’s okay to snack a bit more, or eat a bit less healthily right now. In isolation, our entire routine has gone out the window, so it can be a tough and challenging time! If it’s hard to meet your health goals at the moment, just know that it’s okay! This shall pass and you can bounce back and start smashing goals again when it does!

Give yourself and your body a break, and focus on the things your body does for you every day, instead of punishing it!

Sending so much love!

For 24/7 nutrition advice and support, as well as over 500 recipes to make healthy eating simple, quick and sustainable, try the JSHealth App today!

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