7 Ways to Support Your Mental Health 

Hi angels, at such a tough time for so many people, it’s really important to take some time out to focus on your mental health. Give these tips a go!

1. Food for Thought

Eating a balanced diet filled with whole foods, particularly a variety of vegetables and fruit, and omega-3 fatty acids, can be so beneficial for your mental health, as well as your physical health!

Research has shown eating well can have a positive impact on your mental state, with omega-3s found to have significant ability to protect against and manage conditions including anxiety and depression.

Omega-3 fats can be found in oily fish such as salmon and sardines, or avocado and nuts. Not a fan? Try the JSHealth Vitamins Triple Strength Fish Oil – it’s vanilla-scented, so you don’t have to deal with the fishy aftertaste! I’ve got you, angels!

2. Befriend your body.

So many people struggle with mental health issues due to their relationship with food and their body. If I can encourage you all to spend some time working on and healing your relationship with yourself, this will be so powerful for your mental health!

Imagine looking in the mirror and accepting yourself, feeling confident in your body and your skin! This is the goal of JSHealth! My philosophy is all about ditching the need to diet and deprive yourself, and helping you find balance and love yourself again!

So start to focus on what you love about yourself, and appreciate your body for what it CAN do, rather than scrutinising your flaws and imperfections. We all have flaws, it’s what you choose to focus on that matters!

3. Get a good night’s sleep!

Another surprisingly underrated factor influencing mental health is our sleep! Research has found that sleep plays a big role in our ability to deal with adversity, the demands of a busy life, and daily challenges we come across. Sleep deprivation impacts your psychological state and mental health (and your mood!) so severely, so aim for 7-9 hours of good quality sleep each and every night!

4. Find your tribe.

Real talk: let’s discuss the impact of having an incredible group of friends who love and support you unconditionally, and are always there to talk to when you’re in need of some advice, or a shoulder to try on. Friends are SO important for your mental health!

Surround yourself (even virtually!!) with people who build you up, and make you feel incredible about yourself. Avoid at all costs those who tear you down, shower you with insults due to their own insecurities, and make you feel shocking about yourself. In the long term, this can be so damaging to your mental health and self esteem!

So find your tribe, and lean on them in the moments you’re feeling down! Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

5. Practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness and meditation are SO incredibly beneficial for mental health. I’ve felt so much calmer and more grounded since beginning meditation, and I try to do a guided meditation from the JSHealth App every day!

Meditation has been found to help manage symptoms of conditions like anxiety and depression, allowing you to sleep better, improving mental health, and even some cognitive and behavioural functions!

6. Reach out for help.

Angels, this one is so important – asking for help does NOT make you weak! It’s not embarrassing or shameful. In fact, it’s such a sign of strength! I’d encourage everyone struggling to reach out and talk to someone you trust – whether it’s a friend or family member, or a therapist or psychologist!

Since seeing a psychologist regularly, my anxiety and mental health has improved immensely. I can’t even begin to explain the impact it has had on me! It’s incredible to take action to help yourself, and you’ll find you’re more able to cope and manage symptoms, and even better able to understand yourself! I very much recommend reaching out for help whenever you’re in need, it will be the best decision you make.

7. My Anxiety + Stress formula.

Angels, because I feel you and understand how debilitating and overwhelming mental health struggles can be, I developed a formula specifically to help manage anxiety and stress. It’s done wonders for my own anxiety since I started taking it a few months ago!

The formula includes herbs and nutrients which have been proven to truly reduce anxiety and induce calm. These include Chamomile, which improves psychological well being; Magnesium, which regulates the brain’s management of stress; Passionflower, which keeps anxiety in check; Ashwagandha, which has a calming effect on the body; and Lemon Balm, which improves your mood and increases calmness.

I hope it helps you angels, and gives you the relief you so deserve! 

Remember, mental health is equally (if not more!) important than mental health, so don’t neglect it angels! Please look after yourself, and reach out if you are in need of help or support!

Sending love, Jess xx

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