All Secure: A Special Operations Soldier’s Fight to Survive on the Battlefield and the Homefron…

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I’ve worked and trained with several operators over the past 10 years. One of the constant frustrations of using their unit as a basis for my own training company is that there are few books on them.
Tom and his wife Jen broke that mold, and released this book. It is valuable from an operational and historical standpoint… but it’s true value lies in the war within.
It’s common to see these guys as unwavering, but the truth is that they just hide their pain like every other person who suffers.
After 20 years in the most elite unit on the planet, Tom is not only putting a book out there to let guys know that they’re not alone, but he’s running the All Secure Foundation.
Not just awareness, but ACTION.Get the book, donate, and help our brothers that suffer.
One of the most candid revelations of a Warriors battle with both physical and soul wounds. Tom reveals the decisive point of his battle with humility and honesty.
That turning point changed his life and continues to be a positive force in the lives of many more. MUST READ – highly recommend gifting “All Secure” to veterans, active service members and first responders.
An incredibly well written account about Tom’s time in The Unit and life after the military. Our veterans deal with so much we have absolutely no idea about and this book gives you a look into what they deal with and how they handle it.
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