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Real Customer Reviews: – Best Natural Revitalizing Sleep Formula – End Fatigue – Supports Deep Uninterrupted Sleep – Non Addictive Supplement – Magnesium L-Theanine GABA – Purest Herbal Ingredients

I was a skeptic at first but upon receiving my order, I was impressed! First, the bottle came in a good condition with complete capsules. Second, it gave me more hours of sleeping despite of my shifting schedules at work.
Glad to know that I found something that is true to its claims. I recommend it.
When I first took it it didnt have so much affects on my body, but it did help me get into asleep.
But then I just kept taking it and it started to give me some real good sleeps(I still woke up at in the middle of the night but I could fall back to sleep right away), like the moment I woke up I actually could see the sun light reflecting on my blinds, cuz usually I kept waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes it is hard to goin back to sleep.
It is also lot more stronger than the ones I used to take which were directly from Cvs stores or other regular drug stores.
It contain a lot of things not just melatonin, cuz the other sleep medications I have only contain melatonin and little flavor(ex: cherry) enhancement, and which it is not strong at all those things dont have any affects on me.
But trust me this one is different. Give a try!! Its not that expensive. The most important thing is to believe that this will help you, cuz if you dont think this is gonna work then it is not gonna work.
You have to keep a positive thought. Im a long term suffer-insomnia person so I KNOW !!. Anyway I hope this review is helpful to all of you…
Amazing! Sleep very good each time I’ve used it
This guy has had some rough, sleepless nights these past couple months. If you have restless sleep where you are constantly waking up through the night, these are the pills for you. They work great and I love that they are natural. Highly recommend!
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