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Real Customer Reviews: – Candida Complex – 120 Capsules (Non-GMO) Extra Strength – Powerful Yeast & Intestinal Flora Support with Caprylic Acid, Oregano Oil and Probiotics – Cleanse Support Supplement

This is the “frugal” version of the medicine called Syntol for me that is the best Ive ever used to treat systemic candida. Ive noted Syntol to simply “devour” the issues in my intestines as I took the capsules with no interference to my life.
These give a “taste” in the back of my throat (one that I recognize as oregano oil),but seem to give the issues a good beating! It does indeed help my body overcome an attack.
And the price is a major factor, a fraction of Syntols fee. So this product absolutely warrants recommendation, and I do.
Ive been feeling run down, have itchy skin, a white tongue, and some digestion problems. After research, I felt that I was showing signs of yeast overgrowth.
I ordered Candida Complex on Amazon after reading its great reviews. After 15 days, Im beginning to experience relief of all my symptoms. Im looking forward to seeing the improvement after 30 and 60 days.
Photo is after 30 days.
This product works great and I recommend to anyone going threw a candida breakout. The ingredients are top notch
Let me start out by saying I have been struggling.
I have a chronic illness and am on powerful steroidal inhalers, of course I rinse my mouth and brush my teeth after using this but due to my compromised immune system I developed oral thrush that was both fierce and swift.
I couldnt get it to go away not with antibiotics, yogurt, water, vigilante mouth hygiene. The capsules were delivered timely, and securely. Came in a sealed container as pictured.
Directions clearly printed on the back. This is a four week difference pictured. Still battling the nasty candida but finally winning the good fight.
As a side not as first my skin broke out like I was a teenager and now my skin is more clear than it has ever been in the past.
The only “die off” symptoms Ive noticed is a slight headache (which could be my caffeine addiction) and Ive been a bit fatigued (which could be my work schedule), nevertheless no horror story die-off tale, or angry refund demanding here.
Will certainly buy again as long as I have my prescriptions.
I don’t feel the product is designed for pain relief so maybe that rating should be removed? I use it for detoxing and keeping candida out of my system and that seems to be working so far.
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