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Real Customer Reviews: – Carlson – Norwegian Salmon Oil, 500 mg Omega-3s, Norwegian Salmon Oil Supplement, Wild Caught Omega 3 Salmon Oil Capsules, Sustainably Sourced, Brain, Heart & Joint Health, 180+50 Softgels

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For anyone with slightly elevated Cholesterol, taking these capsules should get you score back in the accepted range. I take 2 salmon oil caps at night and 2 flax oil caps in the morning.
(You could take 4 salmon oil caps in total daily if you prefer.) This lowered my cholesterol by about 30 – 40 points. I have not had any problems with aftertaste.
I have been taking it for about 6-7 years. I dont take any other cholesterol medicines, but I do restrict the amount of meat I eat.
Ive been taking this product for over 20 years. When my doc first recommend then, I started frowning at him every time I saw him. They made me burp a d the taste was awful?
Gross!!! Add to that, I dont like fish to start with! Then albertsons left town. Then Sprouts moved in! We went in. Hubby off in one direction, me to the supplements.
Uh oh! Huge selection!!! I found a person who worked this section only. I told him my problem. The used to carry an orange flavored salmon, Amazon has a lemon flavor.
The packaging was just like this one flavored!, I must have still had a concerned look because he said to start with the little bottle. If after finishing the little bottle, l was still unhappy, they would refund me money.
Ive not had and fishy burping with this product. If you do, try the flavored verity. Thats what I did. Im and will continue using this product. My doctor approves and only just recently, recommend I start taking 2 a day.
This is a wonderful product! At a grand price (about a buck cheaper than Sprouts AND I I dont have to get dressed a go there in 100+ degree heat! Its right hot in north Texas right now!)
AND saves gas money too! This is my humble opinion today! So, heck yes, try it! I was very happy with the timeliness and packaging from the vender too!
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