Carlson – Super Omega-3, 2600 mg Omega-3s, Omega-3 Liquid, Wild Caught Omega 3 Fish Oil Liquid…

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Real Customer Reviews: – Carlson – Super Omega-3, 2600 mg Omega-3s, Omega-3 Liquid, Wild Caught Omega 3 Fish Oil Liquid Supplement, Omega-3 Supplement, Heart Health, Brain Function & Optimal Wellness, Lemon, 3.3 fl oz

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As far as taste, the light lemon taste makes it easier to swallow. After all, it is fish oil we are talking about. Take it WITH food. I take a teaspoon in the AM and a sip of coffee afterward to wash it down.
Not bad at all. Then I eat my morning breakfast of cold oatmeal soaked overnight in 1% milk, add banana and strawberries. No fish burps! YEA!
1 teaspoon of this keeps me from having to try and swallow 3-6 capsules the size of Buicks just to make up the levels needed to be effective FOR MY CONDITION.
So for me, the cost and the amount that I DONT need to take make this a real winner. Its concentrated to say the least. Another blood test will show the results.
I have not changed diet or exercise levels so it will be a good test on the effectiveness for MY blood levels. Like anything you put in your body, your results may differ.
You should consult with your favorite witch doctor before playing with your bodys chemistry. They will want to monitor your blood levels.
.. and it will beat for a long time .. the best there is for heart protection …
Minimal fishy taste without the burping effect.
Excelente lo use para bienestar general facil de ingerir
Love it. Good flavor and good quality.
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