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Dragon Herbs – Tonic Alchemy – Real Customer Reviews

https://amzn.to/3inuZ6z – Dragon Herbs – Tonic Alchemy – Superfood Green Powder Blend – 9.5 oz – Made with Organic ingredients – 100% Vegan – Herbs, Probiotics, Vegetables, Fruits, Sprouts, Whole Grasses, Seaweed, Antioxidants …

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This stuff is amazing. Just last week I was feeling very tired from prolonged studying and tests. My appetite was sporadic, kept waking up at 3 am, spacing out and unable to concentrate in class or memorize the material I needed for tests.
Could not concentrate on anything (movies, conversations…) I truly felt like I could not go on anymore. After only several days of taking this in morning smoothies, I swear I feel more functional.
Sleep is back on track and undisturbed, and less tired. Previous reviews complain about the cost of this product; it is actually understandable given some of the Herbs in it (Reishi, Ginseng, Chaga and Cordyceps to name a few).
For $2 a day, it is worth it.
This product is great. 91 ingredients, probably the most in a super greens out there. It packs a lot of greens in 1 scoop . 1 scoop can turn a large smoothie green.
For those searching for the best super greens out there, this is definitely one of them if not the best . This stuff can light a lightbulb, literally there is a video on youtube where Ron (founder of dragon herbs) lights a lightbulb.
I was pretty much sold when I seen that. Plus he has an extensive resume in the herbal field and tons of herbal products.
Its not your average greens mix and the price reflects that a little on the expensive side but health is wealth so if you want the best you have to spend a little more.
Definitely something I wanted to try and not disappointed one bit. 30 day supply means its about 2 dollars a day which in all actuality is not that bad considering it does have a lot of nutrition in 1 little scoop.
I will be trying more dragon herbs products especially since the founder is a herbalist and has been for many years. Great products list I will buy from dragon herbs again.

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