Kids Superfood Shake Mocha Greens Powder by Feel Great 365 (60 Servings), 100% Non-GMO, Made wi…

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Real Customer Reviews: – Kids Superfood Shake Mocha Greens Powder by Feel Great 365 (60 Servings), 100% Non-GMO, Made with Real Fruits & Vegetables, Multivitamin, Vegan Blend. Helps Build Immunity and Big Brains.

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Ive only had this product for two days but here is my opinion. I know the label states for 4+ years old but I was looking for a product for my 2 year old.
She is such a picky eater. Though shes not losing weight, I wanted to made she stayed at a healthy weight as well got all of her nutrients.
There are so many products out there with added sugar and all types of hormone based “shakes” and I didnt want to give her that. Dont think Im like a health nut because trust me, I do give her dino nuggets, mac and cheese etc.
But I find this product beneficial in many ways. On top of that my daughter loves it!! Ive tried the Orgain kids shakes which she didnt like the taste of.
I am absolutely ecstatic she enjoys this. I mix it with Almond milk or cows milk. Either one she likes. She drinks it fast so I dont know if you have to shake it again like a previous reviewer posted.
I am just happy Ive found something she enjoys.
My main concern was that my 2 yo toddler would not like the taste since she was so used to drinking the brand with the bunny…but it completely fools my picky eater and this is what I give her 1st thing in the morning for breakfast.
It fills her up and satisfies her enough to last until her morning snack in Pre-school and I am content in knowing shes getting the vitamins and minerals she usually refuses to eat during the day – its a mission to get her to eat fruits and veggies.
It has not been on it long enough as to see results but so far so good…will update in a few weeks.
I bought a full line of your supplements for my little great nephew who is having complications from his leukemia chemotherapy treatments. He is also non-verbal autistic.
He has been on the chemo program for 3 1/2 years and has another year and a half to go.
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