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It would be nice if it came with a scoop! When I first got it I had no idea what 1000mg looked like and I was taking only a tiny pinch a day. Finally I got a scale and it turns out the serving size is way more than I was taking!
I did wonder how it was lasting so long! For those of you without a scale 1 Gram of this (1000mg) is about 1/2 flat (not heaping/rounded but completely flat) TSP.
Now that I’m starting to take more than a pinch a day I’ll have to see if it makes a difference!Taste and smell are good, I just turn the 1/2 TSP measure I gave straight in my mouth.
It has an almost savory taste. It’s not strong and if you put it in a smoothie you wouldn’t taste anything. I’m going to start mixing it into my morning Greens drink.I’ll try to update later if I notice any huge changes.
I think mushrooms of all kinds can do great things for your brain.
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