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We eat a lot of veggies, so a great mandolin slicer is invaluable to me.
My old one was less than stellar, so I decided to upgrade to this Mueller Probably 5 and it has absolutely gone above & beyond my expectations!Im able to thinly slice even the squishiest tomatoes, and it’s awesome for slicing zucchini for homemade chips.
One of my favorite features is the 2 pop-up blades that allow me to cut carrot sticks or French fries. Another thing I REALLY like is the storage case for all of the different attachments.
It’s so easy to keep everything together so I’m not constantly digging for the right attachment. It also folds up to a manageable, compact size so it doesn’t take up much room in my cabinet.
And, of course, the finger-guard is a must-have so I keep all my digits! Lol! I’m extremely happy with this purchase & I’m sure Ill be using this slicer for years to come!
Have not used this yet will update the review once used later today. The box was not damaged everything was in the box nicely, nice box blade holder that will make easy storage!
Excited to use this to make sweet potato chips we will see! After using this for making sweet potato chips, slicing peppers, and cucumber I’m in awe! This thing works amazing the blade is very sharp be very careful!
Easy to use easy to clean! Great product!
Purchased this Mandoline predominantly to slice cored apples for dehydrating for snacks. Works perfectly! Came with a great assortment of blades. More convenient to use than my food processor for many preparation tasks.
Be cautious when using. I ordered a pair of cut-resistant kitchen gloves for greater safety.
The blades are really sharp and cut beets, zucchini, and items inserted into the gripper prongs really well. I could easily adjust the thickness and the blades cut everything easily regardless of thickness.
I had difficulty using the gripper to hold items lengthwise. When I stated that in a review customer service reached out and went above and beyond to resolve the issue and assure satisfaction with their product and company.
I have since watched youtube videos about using a mandolin and making lengthwise cuts and 4 of the 5 chefs use their hands when holding the vegetables.
I would highly suggest gloves because even though I was trying to be super careful I cut myself 3 times.
Overall, great customer service, super sharp, lots of cutting options, just make sure you use gloves until the gripper gets redesigned for making lengthwise cuts.
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