NATURELO Vegan DHA – Omega 3 Oil from Algae – Best Supplement for Brain, Heart, Joint, Eye

NATURELO Vegan DHA – Real Customer Reviews: – NATURELO Vegan DHA – Omega 3 Oil from Algae – Best Supplement for Brain, Heart, Joint, Eye Health – Provides Essential Fatty Acids for Women, Men and Kids – Complements Prenatal Vitamins – 60 Softgels

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They are pretty big pills. However, they are gel- pockets which also means they don’t taste bad. I have not had any burps which is why I chose algae-based. Overall, I really like them for the price and quality!
Great product delivered quickly and in good condition. I enjoy it every morning.
So far so good with these gel caps. The brand I was using before this smelled terrible and would often cause fishy burps. With these ones the odor is much lighter and I’ve had no burps!
I started taking a variety of supplements intended to reduce inflammation upon advice of a migraine specialist. I’ve experienced very minimal headaches since beginning this regimen, which includes these omegas.
I will buy again when I run out. 🙂
As a vegan, it is nice to have a fish-free omega supplement. They are quite easy to swallow and of course you don’t have the experience of annoying fish flavored burps like you would with fish oil supplements. Would highly recommend!
I have not used these yet so I have nothing to report except that the package arrived quickly with no damage to the contents.
These are very soft and large capsules, but they are easy to swallow and have zero bad tase or smell.
If this is supposed to give me any benefits Im not sure what they would be. Ive been on these for 2 months and cant tell any difference in my skin or joint pain.
However their customer service is amazing. They reached out and promised a refund with me asking. That kind of honesty is rare today.

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