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I periodically have UTI. If I start to feel one coming on I start taking these and Uva Ursi and if I catch it in time it will go away! D-Mannose latches on to bacteria to flush it from your system. I love Now brand and the quality you get!
I received the pills on the 3rd of this month & my reasoning for purchasing were for symptoms of yeast infection as well as my eczema. I bought them for YI purposes honestly bc I wear tampons & they cause the issue.
Well , I also have Seborrheic Dermatitis ( so my dermatologist has said for yrs ) which can come from food allergies , overgrowth of yeast etc my back ( whole area ) is always the most effected area well I noticed it was fading just after 2days & only 7pills.
It’s the 8th & it’s basically completely gone. Idk how to feel I have struggled so much w the eczema since I was 16 yrs old I am 30 now. & it’s work fast to clear a YI as well.
I highly recommend & hope the formula of them nvr change. I am a forever customer I’m so thankful to have found something that finally works. UPDATE : whenever I ran out of pills I noticed my eczema came bk about 2wks later.
As long as I take these my eczema will not flare up ! Worth the buy !
The original packaging got lost but Amazon was quick to fix it. Over all these pills are amazing and do the job helping with urinary tract infections.
This stuff actually works. It’s amazing. Take the recommended dose as soon as you feel a UTI coming on and … it goes away. I’ve never had a doctor tell me about this and I feel like more people should know. It’s a lifesaver.
The best To prevents the infection in the urine!!!
I suffered from back to back bladder infections (strep bacteria) for over a yr. I was literally taking daily antibiotics and post coital antibiotics and would still get them so bad I was peeing blood.
Docs had no solution for me but more antibiotics. A nurse practitioner recommended this and I couldnt find it in local stores but Amazon saved the day.
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Keep healthy and stay safe.

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