Nutricost Spirulina Powder 454 Grams (1LB) – Pure Spirulina Powder; 8000mg Per Serving, 57 Serv…

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Real Customer Reviews: – Nutricost Spirulina Powder 454 Grams (1LB) – Pure Spirulina Powder; 8000mg Per Serving, 57 Servings – Highest Quality Spirulina

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So far I love this product! Its better than I expected. The taste is actually not so bad; I was expecting the worst when I took my first sip. If you like fish, seaweed, and etc., you wont mind the taste of this product.
Surprisingly, I actually enjoy the taste. Since the first day I started to use this product, I have felt better in regards to my health. It has helped boost my average energy levels and I can feel the difference, in comparison to other products.
I don’t eat meat so this gives me the protein I need in my smoothies.
I use this in my protein shakes every day. The flavor is very clean. The pigment on this particular brand is very saturated and super dark green. Blends well in shakes.
Absolutely love this stuff! Ive been drinking it since winter. Great for energy boost and also cleared up a lot of skin issues I was having. Highly recommend!
Not sure how to rate this. It is 1 pound of Spirulina, as advertised. Not sure if it is any better or worse than any other brand, but the price is pretty decent.
It is very very green and pretty gross tasting, just as I thought it would be before ordering. But I did not get it for taste. Sorry, I am not an adventurous eater.
I just have to detox and am trying anything I can that is cheap to do so. This fit the bill, and is supposed to help with that, from a number of places I have read.
Sorry I cannot really say if this is better or worse than other Spirulina, but it appears to be what I expected it should be.
I use for my aquarium for baby shrimp and fish food. Can be seeded into tank and will grow! Mix a small amount in distilled water, add nutrients, and put under a light to grow your own spirulina algae!
I bought this as superfood . I don’t use it as much as I should. Even though it looks overpowering it’s not. The taste can be subdued with bananas and blueberries in as smoothie so I don’t mind it at all.
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