Of the Spirit (The Grave Court Book 2)

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https://amzn.to/2D2DALy – Of the Spirit (The Grave Court Book 2)

My first question is… whats not to like about this book?! seriously I loved how everything came together for Ria, especially how helpful her uncle was during a pivotal time in this series.
I love how sweet and caring Ria is and yet firm in her beliefs! Wonderful!
I just, I cant. This is an amazing read! Plot twists galore. It’s a semi emotional read. I’m so ready for the next one
This book picks up right after the other one and only gets better. I cannot wait for the next princess to get her stories. You will giggle and she’d a tear throughout this story as Ria gets her happily ever after.
I cant say enough about the “Court” series by these authors. They introduced RH to me, and Im enjoying the Grave Court as much as the others. We FINALLY get a baby in this story, notwithstanding its not human, and more is returning to Faerie as it heals.
I really like the change in Princess Ria, and I didnt see the caretaker in her until the new introduction. Her guard is shifting, as was expected, and Im excited and hopeful we havent seen all of them yet.
There is a bunch of suspense with this story due to all the changes surrounding this court, and I am positive that weve not seen all the powers that abound in Grave.
Of the Spirit is a sweet addition to the series. Like the other houses The Grave Court is experiencing changes as Faerie resurges. Princess Candiria and her court are unlike any other and thus are experiencing the changes differently as well.
I really enjoy my visits to the Grave Court.
Mino is here and Ria is pregnant. Some things settle into place while other things seem impossible. After Ria learns she will have more than just Niko’s babies, her outlook is high. She still has a long way to go to get her court fully thriving.
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