Propel Powder Packets Berry With Electrolytes, Vitamins and No Sugar (120 Count)

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Real Customer Reviews: – Propel Powder Packets Berry With Electrolytes, Vitamins and No Sugar (120 Count)

Propel is my workout drink. The power packs are far more cost effective than the bottles and take up so much less space in the pantry. Dissolves with just a few shakes. I find that a half-packet per pint of water is fine.
While it isn’t my first choice in flavors, I bought the berry flavor and I have gotten used to it. It is way, way less expensive than buying the bottled version.
I HATE drinking water. So I just keep a pitcher mixed up and ready, and now it’s all I will drink. I do dilute it slightly more than called for, since I don’t care fore the tart bite.
I go through about3-4 quarts a day. Shipping is very fast, this was my 2nd order. Very easy transactions. I am very happy and will continue to purchase with this seller.
I got the lemon flavor. I love Propel but its kinda pricy! Bottled water is all kinda pricy! Well, these packets are cheap, and great. It tastes like normal Propel.
If you havent had Propel, the texture is, for lack of a better word, very smooth and almost…lubricant-y. Yeah. Its slick and slippery, but darn it, Im a gross weirdo and I love it.
What I like about these packets: – they come in tiny boxes, great for on the go, stashing at work or in a bag, etc.
– the packets are for a standard size water bottle – it tastes like bottled propel My life hack for you: use this to add electrolytes or lemon flavor to any other beverage!
I love Crystal Light fruit punch, so I add a few packets of lemon to the quart of fruit punch to add electrolytes. Lemon goes with so many flavors, so this is a great way to turn many beverages into sports drinks!
I loved the grape propel but since discovering these, have switched this as my go to. Sometimes it is difficult to find propel power in grocery stores much less the flavors I want so it was nice to be able to order in bulk and have them on hand.
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