Renew Life Norwegian Gold Adult Fish Oil – Critical Omega, Fish Oil Omega-3 Supplement

Real Customer Reviews – Renew Life Norwegian Gold Adult Fish Oil – Critical Omega – Renew Life Norwegian Gold Adult Fish Oil – Critical Omega, Fish Oil Omega-3 Supplement – Gluten & Dairy Free – 120 Burp-Free Softgel Capsules (Packaging May Vary)

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I have been taking these for a while and found them on amazon. I was amazed at the price difference. I was paying $29.99 for 30 at a local store!
I have tremendous problems w/ my stomach so taking fish oil is very hard for me and I always have burp ups even w/ items like this that are burp-free.
I still get burps BUT they taste like oranges and not fish, so I am will settle for that because omegas make me feel better!
My mother loves it! She so loved it that she had severe knee pain to the point where she walked with an obvious limp. She started taking this along with acupuncture and using a heating pad and fast forward one year later in winter and she walks just fine.
These are the only fish oil pills you should ever buy. The orange flavor means no fishy aftertaste and the regulations make me feel good about what I’m putting in my body.
I’ve tried other fish oil pills in the past, and swear the fishy smell came out of my skin. I’ve never had that problem with Norwegian gold. These are the best, don’t settle for less!
In its price range, Norwegian Gold has the best stats I could find in its amount of Omegas, purity, effective enteric coating and dose size (one large soft gel instead of two soft gel serving sizes offered by some competitors).
Im not sure why its not more popular. I like to take a capsule in the morning before I exercise before breakfast, which makes me think of the aging fisherman in the Old Man and the Sea.
Note- its important to store in a place that does not become overly warm or it starts to smell.
Truly burp-free, designed to dissolve in your intestines rather than your stomach. A tiny bit of natural orange flavor in the coating means that the smell and taste, for the second the capsule sits on your tongue, is pleasant, with a hint of citrus.

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