Revolution Tea – Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea Premium Full Leaf Infuser Stringless Teabags

Revolution Tea – Real Customer Reviews – Revolution Tea – Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea Premium Full Leaf Infuser Stringless Teabags – Improve Digestion (16 Bags Each – 6 Pack)

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Best. Tea. Ever! The scent will cure the blues while the taste will carry you to serenity.
I bought this tea first time from a store, 20 individually wrapped great tasting and relaxing. When I found it on Amazon site I was equally elated but disappointed when I found out that instead of 20 tea bags, there are 16 and not individually wrapped.
this means that one can not take sachets to travels or work! Not individually wrapped means losing freshness quickly and reducing the number to 16 at the same time?
Not cool. I would have given the tea a five but not impressed. I bought a six pack because I am a heavy tea drinker; even retails like restaurants or tea shops will not like it not individually wrapped. That is my shout out if you are listening.
This is a fantastic tea. I first had this tea at PF Changs with my mother and bought this boxed set for her birthday.
She loves it, and we were surprised to find that it was a box of little individual boxes wrapped in cellophane, each measuring 1.75 x 1.25 x 1.875.
This packaging provides great freshness for those that don’t drink tea every day, and would be wonderful to use for little swag bags at a party, shower, etc.
The silk bags allow maximum flavor, too. If the little boxes don’t appeal to you for space or environmental considerations, do consider purchasing this tea in another packaging – it really is a wonderful tea.

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